Georgia: family of DUI killer Jason Lark wants news coverage removed from website

Incredibly, friends of Jason Lark have created a FACEBOOK page to show him support as if he simply broke his leg and is confined to a hospital…
Don’t provide coverage of DUI Killer
To the Editor:

The page your website has concerning Jason Lark’s alleged DUI not only has incorrect information but is without a doubt incredibly biased.
The family of Cheyenne Sauls is not vengeful in this, and with an upcoming investigation of the true events of that night, the Lark family would be very appreciative if you would please remove that page.
Not a Fan!

To the Editor:

Your website is not only offensive to all parties involved in these accidents but I find it personally disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. I am all for the awareness of DUI/DWI offences and how to HELP, not mock those offenders and victims of these tragic accidents. Your website is degrading, it’s people like you that show ignorance in this world. You are not helping by making jokes out of these accidents. You should take a long hard look in the mirror and find out why you take joy in others peoples tragedies. Maybe you didn’t get enough hugs as a child.
It really is a shame. I only hope that one day you grow enough as a person to feel compassion for other human beings, it really is a disappointment that people in this world think in such a lackadaisical manner. My heart goes out to sad, sad people like yourselves. May you find yourself one day and learn to open your heart to not only the victims, but the offenders themselves. Take a walk in the families shoes, you’ll begin to see a new light.
May God bless your soul.
(Editor’s Note: Thank you for your views.  Clearly you have not seen anywhere on this website anything that “mocks” victims of these senseless tragedies and it is
only the very blunt “mocking” of the boneheaded killers who drink and drive that you dislike.  The victims cannot speak for themselves. 
Thank you for your prayers but please direct them to those who are killed and maimed by your friends who wish to drive after drinking. 
One more item: You, like many others, refer to the incident in which Cheyenne Sauls was killed by Jason Lark as an “accident”. 
The more accurate word to use is “crash” as when someone is killed as a result of the driver of a vehicle operating after drinking is not an “accident” but a
predictable result of the actions and behavior of the driver.
(Editor’s Note: the views of other readers on this matter are welcome.  Send to )

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