South Carolina: Wagener Police Officer Craig Martin charged with DUI while driving police car; case of beer and open can

Craig Martin DUI Wagener Police Officer 090613

Police Officer Craig Martin


AIKEN, S.C.  — The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office arrested Wagener Police Officer Craig Martin at 3:30 a.m. on Friday.

An Aiken County deputy noticed a Black Crown Victoria driving suspiciously around a convenience store on Old Ninety Six Indian Trail Road.

The deputy found out the car belonged to Wagener Police Department. The deputy decided to engage the police car and start a traffic stop.

The driver sped away, but the deputy found the car again in a nearby parking lot.

The suspect’s vehicle slowly headed directly toward the deputy’s car.

The deputy exited his patrol car. He then noticed the driver reaching for something in his car. The deputy put his hand on his holster and demanded Martin exit from his vehicle.

The driver complied and said he was a policeman.

The deputy noticed the suspect to be pale and could smell alcohol coming from Martin.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the deputy could see a case of beer in the back of the car and an open Bud Light in the cup holder MORE