Illinois: blood tests of couple killed by Jeffrey Kallister charged with DWI were themselves intoxicated and positive for cocaine

Jeffrey Kallister, the sales manager of SK Buick GMC killed a couple on a Harley who were themselves impaired. Kallister was sentenced to eight years in prison.

To the Editor:
“Toxicology reports indicated both Michael Korenchuk and his wife Rachel were legally intoxicated when an alleged drunk driver rear-ended them at Glen and Sheridan in Peoria.
Both had alcohol levels twice the legal limit, and both had cocaine in their systems.”–129926068.html
understand that the Korenchuk’s paid the ultimate price but if you’re going to report the story, then report the all of the facts. Someone with your website felt it was important to state that the third driver involved was intoxicated, so you might as well also report the fact that both of the Korenchuk’s were legally intoxicated (twice the legal limit) and under the influence of cocaine at the time of the accident.
Kelly Gaffney
(Editor’s Note: thank you for providing the above information.  On that night, at that intersection, it appears that all those on the road
were intoxicated.)