Illinois: Dillon C. Nolan will serve 5 1/2 years in prison for crashing while DUI and dumping his dead pal in another county!

From Peoria Journal-Star

PEORIA — A Hanna City man was sentenced to nine years in prison for leaving the scene of a DUI crash that left his friend dead last April.

Dillon Nolan moved his pal's dead body to another county after killing him in DUI crash following night a bar.

Dillon Nolan moved his pal’s dead body to another county after killing him in DUI crash following night in a bar.

Dillon C. Nolan, 22, of 3602 McCallister Road, apologized to the family of Joshua W. Fuller, 22, of 18326 W. Farmington Road, and then sat back down.
In February, he pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol. Other lesser charges were dropped. Without the deal, he could have faced up to 29 years behind bars. His total sentence couldn’t exceed 12 years under the terms of the deal.

Assistant State’s Attorney Jeremy Beard noted Nolan didn’t call authorities but rather his “buddies” to “save his own skin.” Those friends helped him move the truck out of the cornfield and take Fuller’s body to a Fulton County home where he was found the next day. That, Beard said, was a despicable and an immoral action that showed Nolan’s lack of remorse.

Peoria County Judge Albert Purham Jr. sentenced him to six years on the leaving the scene charge and three years on the aggravated DUI charge. He is eligible for day-for-day “good-time” credit on the first count but must serve at least 85 percent of the sentence on the DUI charge. That means he will serve at least 5½ years in prison.

The crash occurred April 16, 2015, in the 9000 block of North McClellan Road, a gravel road that crosses West Claybaugh Road. Nolan was driving about 70 mph and Fuller was in the passenger seat. The two had just left a Peoria County bar. …MORE