Illinois: family ready to lose their home after being injured by drunk driver; people donating to help them

From Daily Herald
Since early May, people have donated more than $12,000 to a Hampshire family on the verge of losing their home after being struck by an uninsured drunken driver on Christmas Eve 2008.
The crash injured Francisco Valdez, his four children and his father-in-law.
Valdez was driving to Provena St. Joseph Hospital in Elgin to visit his wife, Diana, who had a stroke a month earlier.
Francisco Valdez suffered a broken back in the crash and has been unable to return to work; the Valdezes’ home was sold in a foreclosure auction in late July.
Diana Valdez said her oldest son, Francisco Jr., moved to a Detroit suburb to attend college and pursue a career in law enforcement, while the remainder of her family is going to move to Rockford to live with relatives.
“We still have to move by the end of the month,” she said. “But the rest ….MORE
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