Illinois: Morgan Blakey huffed the lives away of his three friends in crash; faces prison for homicide charges


Huffing driver was doing 91 mph and went airborne for 114 feet before smashing the life out of his pals!

CAMBRIDGE —A Stark County High School student’s driving under the influence in a high-speed crash caused the deaths of three schoolmates and the injury of another, Henry County authorities allege.
Morgan Blakey, 19, of Toulon was arrested Thursday night on felony charges of aggravated DUI and reckless homicide arising from a single-vehicle rollover accident Nov. 29 on a rural road southeast of Kewanee.
The intoxicating substance allegedly involved was not alcohol, as is commonly associated with DUI charges and was mentioned in an earlier online Journal Star story, but rather a chemical “huffed” or inhaled from an aerosol dust-cleaning product commonly used on electronic products, according to Henry County State’s Attorney Terry Patton.  ….MORE