The following persons were incarcerated in the Tippecanoe County Sheriff Indiana Jail for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) as of 2/18/2011; Tippecanoe County Sheriff Tracy Brown:
Donnie Mack Bruce, arrested on 11/12/2010
John E. Cardwell, arrested on 10/18/2010
John T. Carson, arrested on 12/8/2009 (prior within 5 years)
Jack Stephen Dougherty, arrested on 10/6/2008
Oscar Espinoza-Salazar, arrested on 1/6/2011
Mark Edward Gephart, arrested on 12/3/2009 (habitual offender)
Javier Gomez, arrested on 11/16/2009 (prior within 5 years)
Luis Gonzalez-Diaz, arrested on 5/15/2010 (causing death with prior)
Jeffery Lynn Hall, arrested on 8/5/2009 (with prior within 5 years)
David Thomas Harris, arrested on 10/20/2010 (prior within 5 years)
Joseph Miles Herr, arrested on 12/22/2010 (prior within 5 years)
David Charles Hutchison, 11/16/2009 (operating after forfeiture of license for life and prior within 5 years)
Emile Dale Randolph, on 1/21/2011
Jennifer Renee Reed, on 8/10/2010
Renee Regaldo on 2/6/2011 (prior within 5 years)
Jarman Asbury Smith, on 12/28/2010 (also driving while suspended)

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