Maryland: Judge making bars and taverns nervous as he ponders decision in civil case against bar who served intoxicated patron who then killed

With a civil lawsuit pending spreading the responsibility for a child’s death to the bar, the mental midgets at Dogfish Head Alehouse have a special for a FIVE HOUR long Happy Hour at their Falls Church, Virginia location….when will the legislators of Maryland ever decide to impose real penalities for bars who serve intoxicated persons beyond any prudent amount as alleged in this case?   Likely never!

A Montgomery County Circuit judge is deciding whether to send to trial a lawsuit that would hold a Gaithersburg restaurant partially liable for a fatal car crash.
Robert B. Hetherington of Mccarthy Wilson LLP, the attorney representing Dogfish Head Alehouse, asked Judge Eric M. Johnson on Thursday to rule in favor of his client without a trial.
Johnson is drafting a decision. The guardians of the 10-year-old girl who was killed in the crash sued Dogfish Head in December for $3.25 million, accusing the restaurant of serving an obviously intoxicated man, who drove away and crashed into their car…..MORE

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