Kansas: new DUI law tightens noose on drunk driver with ignition interlock for 1st offenders; eases penalties on repeat offenders

From The Topeka Capital-Journal Online
The House and Senate unanimously adopted Thursday a bill requiring installation of an ignition interlock device in the vehicle of all motorists convicted of driving under the influence in Kansas.
In addition, Senate Bill 6 establishes a $2.5 million central computer repository operated by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to track DUI offenses throughout the state. The program will be financed with Kansas Department of Transportation funds.
“Often the judge or prosecutor doesn’t know how many times a person has been convicted of drunk driving. They don’t know if it is the
second time or the fifth,” said Rep. Pat Colloton, a Leawood Republican who helped draft the bill’s components.
The late-night action sent the measure to Gov. Sam Brownback.  ….MORE

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