Kansas: police see spike in drunk drivers weekend BEFORE 4th of July holiday; trouble may be brewing

From Wichita Eagle
It wasn’t a holiday weekend, and Wichita police conducted no special patrols.
But police still saw DUI arrests jump more than 50 percent this weekend — a troubling statistic with a major holiday looming this weekend.
“It is a huge concern,” Lt. Doug Nolte said, calling the weekend total of 31 arrests “way too many drunk drivers.”
“Our goal isn’t to stop people from having a good time,” he said. “What we want to do is help get people safely to wherever they need to go.”
Seven of the arrests were of people who have a prior history of DUI, Nolte said.
It’s not unusual to see 20 DUI arrests on any given weekend, said Lt. Joe Schroeder, head of the accident follow up unit. But to see such a significant jump when no special enforcements were being conducted is troubling. …..MORE

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