Kentucky: Henderson County tops in state in convicting those charged with DUI 92.7% HATS OFF!

From Courier Press
Getting behind the wheel in Henderson County with a high blood-alcohol content is dangerous in more ways than one.
In 2009 — the most recent data available from the state attorney general’s office — Henderson County had one of Kentucky’s most successful conviction rates for driving under the influence of intoxicants: 92.7 percent.
Technically, Henderson County ranked fifth in the state on percentage of convictions, but among the state’s more populous counties Henderson County was at the top, edging out Fayette County by a few fractions of a percentage point.
Tiny Robertson County hit 100 percent in 2008-09, but it averages only five DUI cases per year. Other counties that ranked above Henderson were Harrison, Mason, Hancock and Lewis, but all average less than 70 DUI cases per year.
Henderson County, meanwhile, averaged 379 DUI cases annually between 2005 and 2009. During that period the county prosecuted 1,897 cases, of which 1,701 resulted in convictions and 196 got off — still a respectable 90.5-percent conviction rate…..MORE

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