Kentucky: lenient judge let meth-head Johnny Ray Allen out on low bail; killed Phillip Burgess while DUI

Ride with a drunk driver, buy a ticket to your own funeral…

Police say a man was driving drunk when he ran a red light and struck another car killing his passenger Saturday in Georgetown.

On Tuesday the Scott County man faced a judge and it appears Johnny Ray Allen was in very familiar territory.

Johnny Ray Allen has an extensive criminal record filled with prior DUIs and drug charges. Phillip Burgess’ mother wants to know why Allen was even out of jail in the first place.

The 32-year-old, now charged with DUI and 2nd degree manslaughter in the death of Phillip Burgess was in the court room less than two months ago charged with manufacturing meth.

Scott District Judge Vanessa Dickson lowered his bond to $1,000 from $10,000 despite the fact Allen was already out on bond for another August 2012 charge of making meth.

“He might be alive today had he been put where he should have been,” Tammy said.

Phillip’s mother, Tammy, is surprised Allen was free on bond, but even more shocked when she was told her this is actually the fourth time allen has faced a DUI charge.

In one case Allen “ran his vehicle into the kitchen of a ….MORE
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