Kentucky: Michael Hilton charged with DUI after killing Brianna Taylor; critically injured a second teen

Briana Taylor, killed by veteran DUI driver Michael Hilton.

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (06/30/2014) – The driver that hit and killed a 17-year-old girl and critically injured another teen is now charged with murder and aggravated DUI.
On June 22, the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office said Michael Hilton, 34, was driving drunk when he struck Brianna Taylor’s car. In 2006 Hilton was sentenced to three years in prison for repeated DUI offenses.
Michael Hilton, 34, is behind bars in Hardin County and being held on a $1 million bond.
Brianna Taylor, 17, just graduated from Elizabethtown High School a couple weeks ago and was planning on attending college this fall. First she wanted to enjoy her summer, but on a way home from a fishing trip her life was cut tragically short.

Michael Hilton with several DUI convictions on his record has now scored again and killed Briana Taylor.

“We think to ourselves why, why did it happen?” said Brianna’s brother, Brice Taylor. “It’s got to be for a better reason.”

Brice said his little sister could light up any room and left a lasting impression on just about everyone she ever met.
The chiropractor she interned with while in high school agreed. “She had a kindness that was beyond her years,” said Dr. Robert Darnell, with Chiropractic Health and Fitness Systems. “It showed great training in her home even to the point that she was such a strong Christian that it makes me think that I sort of knew what Jesus must have been like when I recall her.”
Her long time friend Jordyn Fields said, “She was just happy and outgoing and always welcoming to everybody.” ….MORE