Louisiana: Bogalusa City Prosecutor David Duke says DWI arrests are rising

From The Daily News
Bogalusa City Prosecutor David Duke said he estimates the city has an average of 160 DWI arrests per year, and according to Police Chief Joe Culpepper’s monthly reports to the City Council, there were 73 by the June 30 midway point of 2013.
Duke said he believes the numbers are high for a city the size of Bogalusa.
“That’s a lot for a municipality, I would think, a DWI profusion,” he said. “And you would think it would be Friday and Saturday night, but that’s not the case. It’s Tuesday morning, Thursday afternoon…

“There are periods when you see more, like Mardi Gras and holidays. That’s explainable. But how do you explain Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon with no event? That’s a cause for concern.”
The number of young drivers getting DWIs is another.

“What’s new is, certainly, the young drivers,” he said. “Parish residents who go to Bogalusa bars when they’re not yet 21 and get caught for DWI are a large percentage of our DWIs…..MORE

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