Louisiana: Sheri McElveen killed toddler while driving drunk now convicted again of DWI


The Advocate reports that Sheri McElveen has been convicted of DWI a 2nd time in Baton Rouge stemming from an arrest in 2012.

You might remember McElveen from 2002 when she was convicted of running over and killing a toddler who was being pushed in a stroller on College Drive.

In that accident, McElveen was driving with a blood alcohol content of .27%, over 3x the legal limit of .08%, tests would later show.

McElveen hit the toddler’s stroller and the toddler’s pregnant mother on College Dr. After the crash, McElveen drove off from the scene with the stroller still stuck under her vehicle. A witness to the accident followed her and notified law enforcement. McElveen refused to give police a breath sample during her arrest.

She was later convicted of Vehicular Homicide, 1st Degree Negligent Injuring and Hit and Run. McElveen was sentenced to serve 30 years in prison but only served 2. McElveen was arrested again in 2012 at the scene of another crash, where, again she refused to give a breath sample.

Investigating officers said McElveen’s story of where she was going was “wildly inconsistent.”

They also noted McElveen had slurred speech and glazed eyes. After being transported to a local hospital, they found a bottle of vodka in her underwear. McElveen’s sentencing is set for June 3rd, 2015.

THIS JUDGE GAVE HER ONE YEAR FOR KILLING A CHILD! From The Advocate: “McElveen pleaded guilty in 2003 to vehicular homicide, first-degree vehicular injuring and hit-and-run driving. State District Judge Richard Anderson sentenced her to a year in Ecumenical House and a year of home incarceration, followed by five years’ probation.”

After the most recent crash, medical personnel found a bottle of vodka in Sheri McElveen’s underwear

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Available as eBook, paperback and now audio book. Click to hear 5 min. sample