The following persons were arrested for DWI by the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Patrol Officers:
Conden, Gregory Charles, 30 of California, MD at 2:59 am on 9/11/10 by Dep. Flerlage.
White, Raisa Jackell, 23 of Lexington Park, MD at 1:27 am on 9/12/10 by Dfc. Boyer.
Young, James Bernard, 51 of Lexington Park, MD at 9:57 pm on 9/3/10 by Dep. Thompson.
Bill, Lynette Alberti, 51 of Avenue, MD at 7:13 pm on 9/4/10 by Dep. T. Snyder.
Rose, Ashley Nicole, 18 of Hollywood, MD at 8:14 am on 9/6/10 by Dep. Kerby.
Harding, Robyn Lynn, 23 of Mechanicsville, MD at 1:54 am on 8/20/10 by Cpl. T. Butler.
Butler, James Francis Darnell, 48 of Lexington Park, MD at 11:34 pm on 9/8/10 by Dep. Licausi

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