The following persons were arrested by the Maryland State Police Prince Frederick Barrack:
Sergio Ayala MORILLO, 25, of Lusby, MD on 1/23/11 at 1:45 am by TFC M.
Parker Darwin Michael TORNEY, 47, of Lothian, MD on 1/23/11 at 4:20 am by TFC D. Saucerman
Anna Julia FITZGERALD, 43, of Trappe, MD on 1/23/11 at 4:03 am Trappe, MD by TPR E. West
Timothy D. CLAGGETT, 21, of Sunderland, MD on 1/23/11 at 4:44 pm by TFC R. Lewis
Thomas A. CODDINGTON, 53, of Lusby, MD on 1/23/11 at 8:07 pm by TFC C. Evans
Karen E. BOSWORTH, 49, of Chesapeake Beach, MD 1/25/11 at 1:46 pm by TFC K. Donaldson
Jessica L. LEMBACH, 24, of Indian Head, MD on 1/26/11 at 12:16 am by TPR C. Esne
 J. Shane CHILDRESS, 32, Lusby, MD on 1/28/11 at 10:34 pm by TPR C. Esnes
Michael David CLARK , 23 , of Chesapeake Beach, MD on 1/28/11 at 12:41 am by TFC R. Lewis
Mary Kathleen ANDERSON, 22, of Owings, MD on 1/29/11 at 4:23 pm by TFC M. Bender
Momoh KUYATEH, 30, of Prince Frederick, MD on 1/30/11 at 7:44 am by TFC A. Merkelson

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