The following persons were arrested for DWI by the St. Mary’s County Maryland Patrol Officers; St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron
 Leroy Michael Sandy, 48 of Waldorf, MD at 1:04 am on 2/11/11 by Cpl. Handy.
 Justin Xavier Jackson, 24 of Leonardtown, MD at 1:26 am on 2/11/11 by Dep. Nielsen.
 Paul Adam Parzynski, 23 of Baltimore, MD at 1:08 am on 12/14/10 by Dep. Knott.
 John Christian Stone, 63 of Saint Mary’s, GA at 5:23 am on 2/13/11 by Dfc. Whipkey.
 Ralph Andre Moye, 44 of Mechanicsville, MD at 7:43 pm on 2/13/11 by Dep. Ellis.
 Cheryl Allison Tiernan, 28 of Hughesville, MD at 2:29 am on 2/14/11 by Dep. Flerlage.

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