The following persons were charged with DWI by the St. Mary’s County Maryland Sheriff’s Patrol Officers; St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron:
Katina Willieast Jenkins, 33 of Lexington Park, MD at 6:11 pm on 3/16/11 by Dfc. Reese.
Travis Wayne Hill, 29 of Leonardtown, MD at 10:41 pm on 3/17/11 by Dep. Hawks.
Timothy Christopher Ryan, 34 of Avenue, MD at 11:51 pm on 3/17/11 by Cpl. Mills.
 James Connor O’Rourke, 23 of Leonardtown, MD at 2:59 am on 3/18/11 by Dep. Adams.
Terry Clayton Hambrick, 62 of Chaptico, MD at 9:20 pm on 3/19/11 by Cpl. Milam.
Corey Lee Bond, 42 of Mechanicsville, MD at 11:21 pm on 3/20/11 by Cpl. E. Johnson.
Jesus Miseal Hernandez,  39 of Ft. Washington, MD at 2:42 am on 3/8/11 by Dep. Ellis.
Brandon Tyler Harvey, 23 of Lexington Park, MD at 2:38 am on 3/9/11 by Dep. Wood.
Dale Lee Gatton, 29 of Lusby, MD at 6:57 pm on 3/10/11 by Dfc. Watters.
Jason Robert Stone, 28 of Avenue, MD at 9:13 pm on 3/11/11 by Dfc. Graves.
Kevin Paul Elmore, 27 of Lexington Park, MD at 1:34 am on 3/12/11 by Dep. Hawks.
Christopher Joseph Ashby, 22 of Coltons Point, MD at 7:18 pm on 3/12/11 by Dep. Flerlage.
Raymond Charles Custis, 41 of Chesapeake Beach, MD at 1:36 am on 3/13/11 by Dfc. Graves.
Christopher Brian Wolfe, 22 of Mechanicsville, MD at 9:14 pm on 3/13/11 by Dep. Flerlage.
Brian Edward Sebes, 54 of Lexington Park, MD at 12:55 am on 3/14/11 by Dfc. Cathcart.
Louis Steven Fenwick, 33 of Bushwood, MD at 8:06 pm on 3/1/11 by Cpl. Handy.
Brian Allen Farrell, 26 of Leonardtown, MD at 1:11 am on 3/6/11 by Dep. T. Snyder.
Alexander Ryan Wilde, 19 of Leonardtown, MD at 1:33 am on 3/6/11 by Dep. Foor.
Adkins, Donald Wayne, 41 of Lexington Park, MD at 4:10 am on 2/18/11 by Dep. Wood.
Tyreke Delante Butler, 19 of Lexington Park, MD at 2:26 am on 10/31/10 by Dfc. Stone.
Nicholas Martin Smith, 19 of Lexington Park, MD at 1:41 am on 2/7/11 by Dfc. Stone.
Joseph Paul Smith Jr., 18 of Hollywood, MD at 8:41 pm on 2/15/11 by Dfc. Stone.
Daniel Vincent Miedzinski, 58 of Hollywood, MD at 7:06 pm on 2/23/11 by Dep. Beishline.
Matthew Bailey Oliver,  45 of Bushwood, MD at 8:45 pm on 2/25/11 by Dep. Flerlage.
Joseph Anthony Thompson, 24 of Chaptico, MD at 11:12 pm on 2/25/11 by Dfc. Nelson.
Keith Michael Owens,  22 of California, MD at 3:16 am on 2/26/11 by Dep. Wood.
Lisa Marie Deal, 27 of California, MD at 8:00 am on 2/26/11 by Dep. Adamo.
Leroy Michael  Sandy,  48 of Waldorf, MD at 1:04 am on 2/11/11 by Cpl. Handy.
Justin Xavier Jackson,  24 of Leonardtown, MD at 1:26 am on 2/11/11 by Dep. Nielsen.
Paul Adam Parzynski,  23 of Baltimore, MD at 1:08 am on 12/14/10 by Dep. Knott.
John Christian Stone, 63 of Saint Mary’s, GA at 5:23 am on 2/13/11 by Dfc. Whipkey.
Ralph Andre Moye, 44 of Mechanicsville, MD at 7:43 pm on 2/13/11 by Dep. Ellis.
Cheryl Allison Tiernan, 28 of Hughesville, MD at 2:29 am on 2/14/11 by Dep. Flerlage
Denise Gay Dietrich, 50 of Mechanicsville, MD at 1:47 am on 2/4/11 by Dfc. Graves.
Carl Robert Lawrence, 47 of Avenue, MD at 7:30 pm on 2/4/11 by Cpl. E. Johnson.
Corey Seantell Thompson, 23 of Lexington Park, MD at 3:58 am on 2/5/11 by Dep. Nielsen.
Nicholas Matthew Clark, 18 of Mechanicsville, MD at 1:38 am on 2/6/11 by Dep. Beishline.

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