The following persons were charged with DWI by the St. Mary’s County Maryland Sheriff’s Patrol Officers, Sheriff Tim Cameron, with DWI:
William Wellington Webb, Jr., 43 of Ridge, MD at 3:05 pm on 3/18/11 by Dep. Green.
Haasiem Jamarr Clark,  31 of Issue, MD at 9:54 pm on 3/24/11 by Dep. T. Snyder.
Robert Stephen Nelson,  53 of Chaptico, MD at 12:09 pm on 3/19/11 by Dfc. Harris.
Claude Richard Carpenter,  II, 29 of Lusby, MD at 9:50 am on 12/3/10 by Dfc. Grusholt.
Michael Bernard Simpson, 59 on 3/26/11 at 3:34 pm on 3/26/11 by Dep. Vezzosi.
George Franklin Miedzinski, 64 of Leonardtown, MD at 5:43 pm on 3/27/11 by Sgt. Hill.
John David Mueller, Jr., 24 of Hollywood, MD at 11:48 pm on 3/27/11 by Dfc. Cathcart.
The following persons were arrested for DWI by the troopers of the Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack:
Robin Marie Mayor, 51, of Hollywood on 3/24/11 by TFC M. J. Pitcher
Benjamin Alberto Gorton Williams, 21, of Dameron on 3/25/11 by TFC A. J. Malaspina
Troy Antwoan Knight, 31, of Alabama on 3/25/11 by Tpr. E. R. Mersman
Angela Noel Dorsey, 32, of Mechanicsville on 3/26/11 by TFC A. J. Malaspina
James Craig Proctor, 23, of Loveville on 3/27/11 by Tpr. E. T. Reuschling
Samantha Joell Faucette, 20, of Mechanicsville on 3/29/11 by TFC J. A. Pilkerton
William Thomas Haines, 53, of Florida on 3/30/11 by TFC D. S. Brill

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