Maryland: Anne Arundel States Attorney wheels and deals light sentences for DWI drivers; few do any time in jail

Judge Danielle Mosley
Rhonda Jamison Barnett, 56, 707 Rosewood Road, Severn; charged June 10, 2010; found guilty DUI; bac refused; jail 60 days, suspend all but 4 days; probation 18 months sup; AETD, abstain from alcohol, 3 AA meetings per week; fines and costs total $150.
Teresa Jo Garcia, 45, 8611 North Point Road, Sparrows Point; charged September 9, 2010; pleaded guilty DWI; bac .09; jail 60 days, suspend all; probation 1 year sup; AETD, VIP; $150/costs not listed.   MORE

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