Maryland: Charles County Sheriff DWI DUI arrest bookings for Feb. 8, 2004

Charles County Md. Sheriff's Patrol Officers make a DWI arrest.

Charles County Md. Sheriff’s Patrol Officers make a DWI arrest.

The following persons were arrested for DWI by the Charles County Sheriff’s Department:

Timothy Ray Miller, 44, of Bryans Road by PO Erica L. Starnes on 02/09/04

Harold Francis Savoy,43, of Waldorf by PFC Paul B. Faucheux on 02/09/04

Joseph Roy Thompson, 46, of Newburg by POI Joshua T, Richards on 02/09/04

Lawrence Joseph Kramer, 53 of Bryans Road by CPL Richard S. Zink on 02/11/04

Rachel Karen Dean, 21, of Waldorf by POI Charles T. Gregory on 02/12/04

David Walter Leucuta, 29 of Waldorf by PFC Robert E. Glover on 02/13/04

Juan Mendoza Lopez, 39 of Waldorf by POI Robert Waples II on 02/13/0

Donald Wayne Sargent, 43, of Waldorf by PFC Robert E. Glover on 02/14/04

John Fitzgerald Shelley, 40, of Indian Head by POI Robert L. Herbert, Jr. on 02/14/04

Tiana Anita Banks, 25, of Bryantown by POII Elizabeth J. Starcher 02/15/04

Craig Alexander Brown, 27, of Forestville by PFC Jermain M. Jones on 02/15/04

Philip Thomas Hornsey, 25, of Waldorf by PFC Charles E. Figgins on 02/15/04

Dean Leroy Work, 71, of La Plata by POII John P. Bender on 02/05/04

Edward Devon Coates, 23, of Waldorf by PFC William R. Jackson Jr. on 02/07/04

John Augustine Hemsley, 38, of Newburg by POII Roger N. Kimble on 02/07/04

Philip Anthony Mangum, 46, of La Plata by PFC Robert E. Glover on 02/0704

Stephen Allen Wade Jr., 26, of Accokeek, by POI Patrick F. Tona on 02/07/04

Edward Randolph Goldring, 51, of Waldorf by PFC Claude E. Clevenger on 02/08/04

Tyrone Dwayne Price, 43, of Nanjemoy by POI Jonathan D. Rager on 02/08/04