Maryland: deputies made DWI arrest; passenger went bonkers and joined driver in jail

Oxford – On August 19, Deputies from the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office stopped a motor vehicle and arrested the operator for driving while impaired by alcohol.
A passenger in the vehicle, Jamie Dee Davis, 51 of Denton, MD was also intoxicated and as the Deputies were attempting to give her a ride to a local hotel, she became disorderly. Davis began to scream and curse the Deputies and failed to obey a lawful order to stop. Davis was placed under arrest at which time she resisted the arrest and continued to curse and fight with the Deputies. Davis was subdued and placed in handcuffs, transported to the Sheriff’s Office in a patrol vehicle equipped with a safety screen. Davis was charged with disorderly conduct, fail to obey reasonable/lawful order of a police officer and resisting/interfering with a lawful arrest. Davis was seen by a District Court Commissioner; however it was determined she was too intoxicated for her initial appearance and was held at the Talbot County Detention Center pending a District Court bond review.

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