Maryland: Fart Ninja Grace Hammett had reefer madness on booze cruise in Calvert; DWI and drug charges

Fart Ninja Grace Hammett had reefer madness on booze cruise in Calvert

GRACE HAMMETT Fart Ninjas Calvert County Sheriff 042417 (2)

HUNTINGTOWN, MD. Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans reports that a ‘Fart Ninja’ from Glendale, Md., was a visitor to his county on April 23, 2017, was reported to be all over the road.

Sheriff Evans reports that at approximately 2:30 am, Deputy N. Buckler was able to locate the reported vehicle and conduct a traffic stop, at Northbound Rt. 4/Sheckells Road, in Huntingtown, As Deputy Buckler approached the vehicle from the passenger side, he observed the passenger side mirror was broken.

When the driver and sole occupant, Grace Hammett, 31, of Glen Dale, MD, rolled down the window, he immediately detected the odor of raw marijuana and alcohol emitting from the vehicle. Hammett spoke with slurred speech and had red glassy eyes.

A search yielded an orange pill bottle with marijuana, a clear plastic bag with marijuana on the driver’s side floorboard, a cut plastic straw with residue, a pill bottle with no label, containing multiple CDS pills and an opened bottle of vodka.  The Fart Ninja Hammett was charged with DUI, DWI, Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance-Not Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia and multiple traffic offenses.