Maryland: FBI Agent Adrian Johnson, personal security aide to Attorney General Holder ,sent to slammer for killing teen

Lawrence Garner Jr.
Adrian Norvell Johnson, left, sentenced to 18 months in prison for killing Lawrence Garner Jr., right.

Garner is dead because Johnson decided to “party behind the wheel” and was too cheap to call a cab…

An FBI agent who had been assigned to the high-profile position of personal security for U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder was today sent to prison for killing a Maryland man in a DWI crash.

From Fox 5 News: victim had graduated from high school, was working at Home Depot, planning for college and career as Maryland State Trooper

FBI Agent had prior drunk driving arrest which disappeared from his record

From NBC 4 Washington
A former FBI agent was sentenced to eight months in prison for a drunken driving crash that killed an 18-year-old man.
A Prince George’s County jury convicted Adrian Johnson on charges including motor vehicle manslaughter and homicide by motor vehicle while intoxicated. ….MORE

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