Maryland: impaired mom, Tabitha Dobrzynski, killed Sophia Rose “Rosie Dobrzynski near Ocean City

SALISBURY, MD. — A 38-year-old New Kensington woman is charged with homicide for driving while impaired in a one-vehicle wreck that killed her 11-year-old daughter in Salisbury, Md.
Tabitha Dobrzynski of 620 Constitution Boulevard is charged with negligent manslaughter by motor vehicle, life-threatening injury by motor vehicle involving drugs, life-threatening injury by motor vehicle involving controlled dangerous substances and drug possession. She also faces six traffic charges, including four driving while impaired charges.
Maryland State Police responded to the single-vehicle accident on the Route 13 Bypass around Salisbury, about 30 miles west of Ocean City, at 2:38 p.m. Sunday.
Killed was her daughter, Sophia Rose “Rosie” Dobrzynski.   According to police, Tabitha Dobrzynski

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