Maryland: Is it possible that Christopher Thomas Jarcy was so drunk he didn’t realize he had four flat tires?

Frederick Police arrest driver for hit and run accident, DUI/DWI, driving on a suspended license

FREDERICK, MD. — Frederick Police report that on April 10, 2015 at approximately 0111 hours, Officer Kolwalsky was on routine patrol when she observed a red passenger vehicle go through the steady red arrow in the 1000 block of West Patrick Street.

The officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and found all four tires to be flat. She contacted the driver and identified him as Christopher Thomas Jarcy W/M DOB: 01/06/1989. Through an investigation it was determined Jarcy was involved in a property damage hit and run accident moments before Officer Kolwalsky observed the motor vehicle violation. Officer Kolwalsky detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Jarcy and his vehicle.

Officer Kolwalsky administered a series of standardized field sobriety tests which Jarcy did not complete to her satisfaction. Jarcy was placed under arrest for the DUI/DWI. It was later determined he was also driving on a suspended license and the hit and run accident.

Officers responded to a location in the 1000 block of West Patrick Street and located evidence of the property damage accident. Several pieces of Jarcy’s vehicle were recovered on scene. There was damage to the building and a motor vehicle parked in the parking lot.

Jarcy was taken to FPD headquarters and FCADC for further processing.

Arrestee Name: Christopher Thomas Jarcy 
W/M DOB: 01/06/1989
1000 block Palladian Way
Frederick, MD 21703

Citations were issued for the following Charges:
TA 16-303 (c) -Person driving M/V on highway or public use property on suspended license/ privilege
TA 16-303( h )-Person driving M/V while license suspended under 17-106, 26-204, 26-206, 27-103
TA 13-401(b1)-Operating unregistered M/V on highway
TA 21-902(a1)-Driving vehicle while under the influence of alcohol
TA 21-902(a2)-Driving under the influence of alcohol per se
TA 21-902(b1)-Driving while impaired by alcohol
TA 23-104-Driving vehicle on highway w/out required minimum equipment
TA 20-105(a)-Failure of vehicle driver to stop after unattended vehicle damage accident
TA 21-202(h2)-driver fail to stop at steady red arrow signal
TA 22-421.3(b)-operator not restrained by seatbelt
TA 16-116(a) failure of licensee to notify MVA of change in address within 30 days

Now available in audio book, paperback and eBook.  click here to listen to free 5 minute sample

Now available in audio book, paperback and eBook. click here to listen to free 5 minute sample