Maryland: Ravens linebacker gets plea deal for DWI; NFL to Kindle —read this bozo…NO BOOZE FOR YOU!

From BaltimoreRavensBlog

Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle will not receive jail time after he pleaded guilty Tuesday to driving under the influence, and Howard County District Court Judge Edward Axel ruled that he had taken the appropriate steps to get treatment.
Kindle, a second-round draft pick last year, spent five days at an inpatient treatment facility, which Axel believed supplants the mandatory five-day jail sentence for second-time DUI offenders.
Kindle was also ordered to abstain from alcohol and attend self-help meetings.
According to reports, Axel said the linebacker is classified as a “stage-two” offender in the NFL’s alcohol and drug policy, meaning he would be subject to 10 random urinalysis tests before the lockout.  ….MORE