Maryland: St. Mary’s County Sheriff DWI / DUI arrests for July 18, 2014

Patrol car computer St. Mary's Sheriff


DUI Arrests reported by

St. Mary’s County Md.

Sheriff Tim Cameron:




Wayne Sylvester Parker, 50, of Lexington Park on 6-3-14 by Deputy Manns

Cara Ann Simpson, 23, of Lexington Park on 6-8-14 by Deputy L. Johnson

Steven Richard Cook, 22, of Mechanicsville on 6-8-14 by Deputy Fennessey


Tyreise Divron Nelson, 22, of Lexington Park on 6-8-14 by DFC Flerlage

Joseph Walter Barton Jr., 29, of Lexington Park on 6-20-14 by Deputy S. Cameron


Akmal Murodov, 28, of Leonardtown on 6-21-14 by Deputy Foor

Pamela Kay Aloupas, 50, of Lusby on 6-21-14 by Deputy L. Johnson


Kristiane Blair Young, 30, of Great Mills on 6-28-14 by Deputy Tirpak

Kelli Elizabeth Richards, 24, of Lusby on 6-28-14 by Roszell

Howard Dale Woods Jr., 50, of Hollywood on 6-30-14 by Corporal Kirkner

Michelle Collette Southard, 45, of Waldorf on 7-5-14 by Corporal Watters

Carrie Denise Trossback, 33, of Great Mills on 7-4-14 by Corporal Ray

Joseph Cornell Young, 40, of Leonardtown on 7-13-14 by Deputy Schultz

Joshua Matthew Grogan, 29, of Hollywood on 7-14-14 by Deputy Lawrence

Sharita Dupree Gross, 32, of Lexington Park on 7-11-14 by Corporal O’Connor

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