Maryland: St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron notes DWI DUI arrests for May 13, 2013


Sheriff Tim Cameron

Sheriff Tim Cameron

Sheriff Tim Cameron
The following persons were charged with DWI / DUI by the patrol officers of St. Mary’s County Maryland Sheriff Tim Cameron:

Lisa Kay Clarke, 49, of California, Md., on 5/12/13 at 11:54 pm by Deputy Krum.

Angelo Albert Alvino Jr, 53, of Charlotte Hall, Md., on 5/10/13 at 1:51 am by Deputy Goodwin.

Amanda Renee Hanson, 33, of Mechanicsville, Md., on 5/5/13 at 1:03 pm by Deputy Maguire.

Robert Combs Russell, 18, of California, Md., on 5/5/13 at 9:22 pm by Deputy T. Shomper.

Joseph Munoz, 26, of Patuxent River, Md., on 4/27/13 at 12:27 am by Deputy Stone.

Tommy Lee Burkett, 37, of Waldorf, Md., on 4/27/13 at 5:46 pm by Deputy Beyer.

Jawaan Montell Carroll, 28, of Loveville, Md., on 5/5/13 at 5:53 am by Deputy Schultz.

Ian Jacob Tallman, 39, of Lusby, Md., on 5/4/13 at 2:36 am by Deputy Ellis.

Lloyd Henry Jenifer, 26, of Lexington Park, Md., on 5/2/13 at 11:34 pm by Deputy Wood.

Megan Rae Nosek, 24, of Lexington Park, Md., on 5/3/13 at 1:29 am by Deputy Krum.

Julie Ann Gore, 51, of California, Md., on4/27/13 at 2:41 am by Deputy Meyer.

Melita Marrell Buttermore, 23, of Lexington Park, Md.,  on 5/1/13 at 7:40 pm by Deputy Krum.

Jon Frank Shenski, 31, of Chaptico, Md., on 4/28/13 at 2:14 am by Deputy Carberry.

James Michael Carroll 3rd., 49, of Great Mills, Md., on 4/20/13 at 10:15 pm by Deputy Boyer.

Robert Craig O’Reilly Sr., 32, of Mechanicsville, Md., on 4/21/13 at 10:28 pm by Deputy Maletto.

Paul Matthew Baker, 28, of Mechanicsville, Md., on 4/22/13 at 3:46 am by Deputy Boyer.

George Frank Kilian, 64, of California, Md., on 4/15/13 at 11:02 pm by Deputy Steinbach.

Latisha Marie Carter, 27, of California, Md., on 4/15/13 at 2:25 am by Deputy Potter.

Santos Jesus Rosales Monzon, 32, of Rockville, Md., on 4/14/13 at 11:27 pm by Deputy Beasley.

James Matthew Reed, 52, of Lexington Park, Md., on 4/14/13 at 8:41 pm by Deputy Cole.

Donald Eugene Miller Jr., 58, of Mechanicsville, Md., on 4/13/13 at 2:04 am by Deputy Somerville.

Paul Garlin Thompson, 23, of Port Tobacco, Md., on 4/13/13 at 1:24 am by Deputy Carberry.

Dwight Alvin Smith, 52, of California, Md., on 4/12/13 at 12:32 am by Deputy Boyer.

Julie Ann Kenyon, 39, of Hollywood, Md., on 4/12/13 at 3:00 am by Deputy Schultz.

Francis Maurice Sharp, 44, of Temple Hills, Md., on 4/15/13 at 3:44 am by Deputy Maletto.

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