Maryland: St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron’s DWI arrest report Aug. 20, 2012; Lauren Ashley Luskus leads the list!

St. Mary’s County Maryland Sheriff Tim Cameron

The following persons were arrested and charged with DWI / DUI by the patrol officers of St. Mary’s County Maryland Sheriff Tim Cameron:
Lauren Ashley Luskus, 22 of Leonardtown on 08/18/12 at 3:50 am by Deputy Potter.
Twain Balfonite Harrod Sr, 55 of Callaway on 08/18/12 at  9:51 pm by Deputy Krum.
Elvin  Howard Henry III, 45 of Lexington Park on 08/19/12 at 1:01 am by Deputy Upright.
John Henry Cusic Jr, 19 of Leonardtown on 08/19/12/ at 1:05 am by Deputy Wood.
David Walton Hamilton, 33 of Lexington Park  on 08/19/12 at 2:18 am by Deputy Potter.
Elmer Micloth Rice, 68 of Great Mills on 08/19/12 at 11:16 pm by Deputy Upright.
Elizabeth Denise Young,46 of Lexington Park on 08/15/12 at 5:51 pm by Deputy Boyer.
Tamika Lashawn Davis, 33 of Tampa on 08/10/12 at 4:04 pm by Deputy Vezzosi.
Glenn Rodney Battle, 26 of Lexington Park on 08/11/12 at 2:58 am by Deputy Boyer.
Matt Richard Diamond, 56 of Ocala on 08/12/12 at 10:03 pm by Deputy Flerlage.
Walter Lee Sharpe Jr, 48 of Bryans Road on 08/12/12 at 6:01 pm by Deputy Davis.
Jason Gary Welch, 27 of California on 08/07/1211:31 pm by Deputy Goodwin.
Carl Alexander Carroll Jr, 32 of Ridge on 08/04/12 at 1:59 am by Deputy Wood.
Troy Kyle Gass, 39 of Waldorf on 08/04/12 at 2:26 am by Deputy Peacher.
William Aloysius Barry, 42 of Leonardtown on 08/05/12 at 9:09 pm by Deputy Foor.
Wiley Melton Adams, 64 of Mechanicsville on 08/04/12 at 8:07 pm by Deputy Carberry.
Alexandra Joan Paolucci, 53 of Hollywood on 08/04/12 at 8:00 pm by Deputy Beasley.
Jose Alfredo Martinez Arevalo, 37 of Alexandria. VA on 07/27/12  at 10:29 by Deputy Ellis.
Nicholas Edward Henderson, 56 of Charlotte on 07/28/12 at 9:12 am by Deputy Vezzosi.