MARYLAND: State Police Leonardtown Barrack report DUI arrests for Nov. 28, 2018 kicks off drinking, drugging, driving and dying Christmas season

DWI HIT PARADE Copyright 2018

Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack Commander Lt. Krystle Rossignol, far right, and troopers ready for ‘Thanksgiving weekend DUI patrol and Black Friday.

DUI Arrests by Leonardtown Barrack of the Maryland State Police for Nov. 28, 2018

Name of Arrestee       Age      City, State       Date of Arrest Arresting Officer

Hudson, Ashley Marie            30        California, MD 11/20/2018     Tfc M. Manning

Gaiser, Phillip Michael            28        Mechanicsville, MD    11/21/2018     Tfc J. Mulhearn

Hoover, Tracy Sue      48        Great Mills, MD           11/22/2018     Tfc A. Opirhory

Barnett, Trenton Deonn         29        Lexington Park, MD    11/22/2018     Tfc M. Manning

Thrower, Michael Anthony 3rd          27        Great Mills, MD           11/22/2018            Tpr A. Piscopo-Bann

Snyder, Travis Renard 29        Leonardtown, MD      11/22/2018     Tpr M. Whitman

Lane, Christopher Vincent     53        Waldorf, MD   11/22/2018     Tpr M. Whitman

Roberson, Donell        68        California, MD 11/23/2018     Tpr E. Ruggles

McCarthy, Meredith Marie    39        Hanahan, SC   11/23/2018     M/T E. Evans

Roberts, Patrick Wayne          54        Mechanicsville, MD    11/24/2018     Tpr K. Bauer

Corley, Gary Lee Jr      23        Leonardtown, MD      11/24/2018     M/T E. Evans

Kernisan, Nicolas Patrick        22        Hollywood, MD           11/24/2018     M/T E. Evans

Trossbach, Eric Christopher   32        St Inigoes, MD 11/24/2018     Tpr R. Kaszubski

Rose, Aaron Kyle         40        Great Mills, MD           11/25/2018     Tpr E. Ruggles

Neal, Larry Aloysius    62        Leonardtown, MD      11/25/2018     Tfc M. Manning

Owens, Ann Marie      42        Lexington Park, MD    11/26/2018     Tpr A. Oyler


DEADHEAD HIT PARADE: The following persons were cited by the Maryland State Police for Possession of Marijuana Less Than 10 Grams

Name of Arrestee       Age      City, State       Offense Date   Arresting Officer

Yates, Devon Jerry      27        Mechanicsville 11/21/2018     Tpr A. Piscopo-Bann

Williams, Peyton Jwan            25        Spotsylvania, VA         11/21/2018     Tpr A. Piscopo-Bann

Jones Jr., Aaron Eugene         26        Lexington Park 11/22/2018     Tpr T. Howard

Chew, Alexander Patrick        23        Lexington Park 11/22/2018     Tpr A. Piscopo-Bann

Hartman III, Wilbert Johnson 33        Lexington Park 11/24/2018     Tpr J. Powis

Cole, Darren Edward  31        St. Inigoes       11/24/2018     Tfc M. Manning

Liverpool, Tamika Yvonne      29        Washington, DC          11/24/2018     Tpr K. Bauer

Gressen, Erika Lynn    29        Philadelphia   11/26/2018     M/T E. Evans

Bilo, Kristina Marie     25        Hollywood      11/27/2018     Tfc B. DiToto

Kodluboy, Joseph Allen          25        Lexington Park 11/27/2018     Tpr A. Oyler

Warrant Service Arrests

Name of Arrestee       Age      City, State       Date of Arrest Arresting Officer

Bolden, Charlene Yvette        51        Lexington Park, MD    11/24/2018     Tpr J. Powis