Maryland State Police North East Barrack May 2018 DUI Arrests; Thomas Michael Rudasill Jr leads the list

Maryland State Police North East Barrack May 2018 DUI Arrests

NORTH EAST, MD-The Maryland State Police is committed to reducing impaired driving and preventing alcohol/drug-related accidents.  The North East Barrack’s aggressive stance resulted in over 925 traffic stops in May 2018, with 32 of those stops leading to arrests of impaired drivers.  Some of the investigations relating to impaired driving remain open and may not be included in this list of the North East Barrack’s DUI arrests for May:


(North East) – Thomas Michael Rudasill Jr, 28 YOA, Rising Sun, MD


(North East) – Brandy Lynn Sheets, 38 YOA, Rising Sun, MD


(Elkton) – David B. Robinson, 45 YOA, Perryville, MD


(Elkton) – Anthony Robert Trueman, 27 YOA, North East, MD


(Rising Sun) – Barbara Hodge Neyman, 59 YOA, Elkton, MD


(Port Deposit) – Raymond S. Wilson 2nd, 28 YOA, Belcamp, MD


(Port Deposit) – Nicole Marie Robinson, 35 YOA, Elkton, MD


(Elkton) – Ira Calvin Welch, 39 YOA, Oxford, PA


(North East) – Astra Ann Aguilera, 37 YOA, Rising Sun, MD


(Elkton) – Laura Beth Kozarek, 39 YOA, Aberdeen, MD


(North East) – Andrew S. Allen, 30 YOA, Oxford, PA


(Colora) – Nicolas Reese Castellano, 20 YOA, Nottingham, MD


(North East) – Daryl Keith Martin, 46 YOA, North East, MD


(North East) – William Gerard Stalnecker, 44 YOA, Coatesville, PA


(Elkton) – Sean P. Falkowski, 46 YOA, Newark, DE


(Chesapeake City) – Jodi Louise Griffith, 25 YOA, Chesapeake City, MD


(North East) – John Thomas Alexander, 44 YOA, Elkton, MD


(North East) – James Austin Riley, 29 YOA, Wilmington, DE


(North East) – Ashley Nicole Jones, 32 YOA, North East, MD


(North East) – Kent Sherwood Peterson, 59 YOA, Chesapeake City, MD


(Elkton) – Franklin Dempsey Hughart, 59 YOA, Elkton, MD


(North East) – Brian Scott Langhorne, 29 YOA, North East, MD


(North East) – Steven Charles Griffith, 59 YOA, Oxford, PA


(Elkton) – Kasie Ann Howell, 24 YOA, Elkton, MD


(Elkton) – Franklin Carlson Mathews, 53 YOA, Wilmington, DE


(Elkton) – Dawn M. Price, 48 YOA, Elkton, MD


(North East) – Ronnie Dell Barnett Jr, 43 YOA, Washington DC


(Elkton) – Jason Edward Cannan, 43 YOA, Chestertown, MD


Drunk/impaired driving can result in serious crashes, injuries or death.  Anyone who observes what they believe to be a drunk or impaired driver should call 9-1-1.