MARYLAND: State Police North East Barrack May 2019 DUI Arrests

Maryland State Police North East Barrack May 2019 DUI Arrests

 NORTH EAST, MD – The Maryland State Police report that the North East Barrack is committed to reducing impaired driving and preventing alcohol/drug-related accidents.  The North East Barrack’s aggressive stance resulted in over 1,141 traffic stops in May 2019, with twenty-six of those stops leading to arrests of impaired drivers.  Some of the investigations relating to impaired driving remain open and may not be included, but here is a list of the North East Barrack’s DUI arrests for May:

(North East)    Michael Joseph Davis 37 YOA Elkton  MD

(Elkton)            Gene Francesco Gomez Sexton         26        North East       MD

(Warwick)       Christopher James McCollin, 31, of 2 Stalwart Drive, Newark, Del., arrested by Trooper G. Cruz on May 5, 2019, at 2:25 pm while southbound on Rt. 301 at mile marker 123 while operating a 2008 BMW.

(North East)    Gregory Robert Howell           24                    North East       MD

(Perryville)      Corwin Frederick Riedel         39                    Saint Leonard  MD

(Elkton)            Elizabeth Anne Nordhoff, 49, of 139 High Street, Apt. A, Elkton      Md., arrested for DWI by Trooper K. Desai on May 7, 2019, at 7:03 pm as she operated a 2018 Nissan Versa on Telegraph Road at Singerly Road in Cecil County, Md. Attorney C. Thomas Brown has entered his appearance as her attorney.

(Elkton)            Vincent Neal Wallace,           31,       Elkton  MD

(Elkton)            Natasha Bryce,           58,       Elkton  MD

(Elkton)            Sharina Waynett Johnson,    38, Newark      DE

(North East)    Laurin Linn Latoroco, 53,       of 1212 Lewisville Road, Oxford        Pa., charged with DWI on May 11, 2019, at 3:13 am by Trooper Joel Bock as she operated a 2007 Nissan southbound on Rt. 272 at Warburton Road.  Taxpayers will be delighted to know that she allegedly had enough funds to get three sheets to the wind but doesn’t have any money left over to pay for her own attorney and will get a free mouthpiece courtesy of Maryland taxpayers.

(Elkton)            Wilmer E Granda,       57, Wilmington           DE

(Elkton)            Joel Amero Perez,      48,       Elkton  MD

(Elkton)            Raymond B Roberts Jr,          47,       Newark            DE

(North East)    Freedom Lee Chadwick, 38, of 21 Railroad Ave., North East, Md., was arrested by Trooper A. Workman, for DWI, drugs other than marijuana such as heroin, cocaine, meth or some other narcotic.  FREEDOM, apparently believes he has the Freedom to drive while impaired and already has engaged the services of a FREE attorney, Jason David Ricke, provided by the taxpayers of Maryland. Freedom Chadwick has a court date set for July 5, 2019 in Cecil County District Court. A bail review resulted in FREEDOM not being FREE but retained in the hoosegow.

Freedom Chadwick was stopped by Trooper Kurtis Henry while westbound on Rt. 40 at Marley Road on May 4, 2019 at 10:53 pm as he operated a 2012 Ford Escape with Maryland vanity tag “PONTOWN”. In that traffic stop earlier in the month of May, he picked up numerous other traffic citations including failing to show up for his court ordered Driver Improvement Program class and continuing to drive while suspended – all making him an excellent candidate for continued incarceration in order to protect innocent members of the public as they use highways for transportation to work, school, church and entertainment.

Freedom Chadwick entered a guilty plea in a plea deal with the Cecil County States Attorney on April 24, 2019, to driving while suspended, which apparently means nothing as he was out on the road driving the same vehicle and still without a license. Chadwick was fined $100 – which court records reveal he didn’t pay even after payment was deferred to May 24, 2019, and his already suspended license was suspended again by the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles.

A District Court Judge issued a domestic violence ex-parte order against FREEDOM CHADWICK to stay out of the home, stay away from the place of employment, residence, not abuse, not contact or otherwise come within a country mile of the petitioner. On Feb. 25, 2019, the petitioner requested dismissal of the order.

In Cecil County Circuit Court on March 11, 2019, FREEDOM CHADWICK entered a guilty plea to driving while suspended.

In Cecil County Circuit Court when charged with multiple counts of burglary and property destruction, FREEDOM CHADWICK entered a guilty plea in a plea deal with the Cecil County States Attorney on July 9, 2015.  THE DEAL: all other charges were dropped and a jail sentence of eighteen months with credit given of 160 days of time served while waiting for trial. Probation was terminated unsatisfactorily, according to court records.

In Talbot County Circuit Court, again with a FREE attorney provided by Maryland taxpayers, FREEDOM CHADWICK faced felony sex offense, felony sodomy charges and assault charges and he got a plea deal from Talbot County States Attorney Scott Patterson. THE DEAL: the felony charges which would make the prosecutor actually have to prepare for trial and work to make the case were all dropped. FREEDOM CHADWICK entered a guilty plea on Nov. 13, 2015, to misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to eighteen months in jail.

FREEDOM CHADWICK has accumulated convictions for assault dating back to 2005 in Cecil County with fines and jail time ordered; a FREE attorney paid for by the taxpayers has been involved each time during his criminal career.

(Elkton)            Brandon Thomas Webster    28,       Townsend        DE

(Warwick)       Diane M Fanfan,         45, Galena       MD

(Elkton)            Jenna Dickenson Davis,         24,       Newark            DE

(Elkton)            Timothy E Martin,      36,       Earleville         MD

(Rising Sun)     Michael Scott Annand           , 50, North East           MD

(Elkton)            James Anthony Pearson,       30,       Harrington      DE

(Elkton)            Carlos Abraham Galicia Banda,         23,       Newark            DE