Maryland: State Police report DUI arrests for Leonardtown Barrack July 31 – Aug. 13, 2014

Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack DUI Arrests

July 31 – August 13, 2014

Robert Stephen Dixon Jr., 59, of Leonardtown on 8/4/14 by Tpr. C. M. Ruth

Benjamin James Joyce, 19, of California on 8/5/14 by S/Tpr. E. M. Evans

Daniel Corrie Roper, 41, of Lexington Park on 8/8/14 by Tpr. D. A. Coppedge

Michael Byard Shaw, 74, of Crofton on 8/9/14 by TFC D. G. Buckalew

Laura Anne Mangum, 47, of Leonardtown on 8/11/14 by Tpr. D. A. Coppedge

Ronald Douglas Meador 3rd, 37, of Mechanicsville on 8/11/14 by TFC D. G. Buckalew

Todd Hanley Lewin, 48, of Georgia on 8/12/14 by TFC E. R. Mersman

Robert Jesse Hayden, 45, of Leonardtown on 8/12/14 by TFC S. M. Ditoto