Maryland: State Police report DUI driver attempted to hang himself in holding cell after arrest in beltway booze cruise


The Maryland State Police Trooper 7 medevac helicopter interior.  DWI HIT PARADE photo

The Maryland State Police Trooper 7 medevac helicopter interior. DWI HIT PARADE photo

(College Park, MD) – Investigators from the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division are investigating an attempted suicide after a drunk driver, involved in a car crash, was taken into police custody.

The drunk driver is not being identified at this time due to pending charges. He attempted suicide after being arrested for DUI on the scene of a car crash in Prince George’s County.  He is currently being treated at University of Maryland Shock Trauma in Baltimore.  Charges are pending for the crash, the DUI and for drug possession.

Shortly before midnight Nov. 14, 2014, a state trooper from the College Park Barrack was dispatched to a crash on the inner loop of I-495 at the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.  The preliminary crash investigation indicates the arrestee was driving a 2006 Lexus passenger vehicle when he struck the rear of a vehicle traveling in front of him.  The crash injured two of the three occupants in that vehicle.

While emergency medical personnel were treating the occupants of the other vehicle, the arrestee refused medical treatment.  Due to the odor of alcohol, he was asked to perform a standardized field sobriety test.  He failed all the sobriety tests and subsequently was placed under arrest for DUI.  He was also found in possession of illegal drugs.

At approximately 12:45 a.m. this morning, the arrestee was transported to the College Park Barrack and placed in a cell while paperwork was being processed. His shoelaces and jacket were taken from him prior to being placed in the cell, where he was checked on periodically by barrack personnel.

Shortly before 5:45 a.m., one of the troopers working on the case, checked on his welfare to advise him he would soon be transported to the Office of the Court Commissioner.   At 6:00 a.m., the trooper came back to the cell to get him and found him with his sweater tied around his neck, attempting to asphyxiate himself.

The trooper immediately cut the sweater off of him and administered chest compressions to open his airways.  He began to cough and was placed in a recovery position.  Medics were called immediately and arrived at the barrack to transport him to Washington Adventist Hospital for further treatment.

He is currently being treated at Shock Trauma for his injuries as the investigation continues.

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