Maryland: Top Troopers of the Year Noted for Hard Work


Sgt. John Vanhoy is the group supervisor of a team of troopers and Metropolitan Police Department officers assigned to a warrant fugitive unit working the Prince George’s County area.  Sgt. Vanhoy and his team continue to exceed goals and expectations. 
In 2010, the team closed almost 800 warrants and arrested nearly 500 felony fugitives, who were wanted for all times of major crimes, including murder, armed robbery, rape, and child abuse.  A majority of those arrested had extensive criminal histories, including violent crimes. 
In 2010, Sgt. Vanhoy was personally responsible for closing nearly one hundred cases and making 54 arrests.  He takes on the more complicated cases so his team can serve more warrants. 
He assisted the entire task force with 241 cases that resulted in 137 fugitive arrests.  He also provided manpower support to the US Marshal’s Service task force. 

One of several ‘high priority’ cases he was assigned last year was a cold case homicide from Wicomico County.  All he had was a suspect name.  He tracked the person to Texas, located addresses for family members, and, with the help of the US Marshal’s service, the accused murderer was arrested within two days. 

Two other cases involved murders in St. Mary’s County.  Sgt. Vanhoy had both suspects tracked down and arrested outside of St. Mary’s County within 48 hours of the murders. 

He does all of this while still completing the administrative requirements of supervising the task force and daily providing statistical information about task force activities.  Sgt. Vanhoy also assisted the State Police Academy firearms training unit as an instructor.  He was the officer in charge of the southern region and was responsible for training about 200 troopers. 
In his nomination, Sgt. Thomas Quade said this: “During 2010, Sgt. Vanhoy continued to maintain the highest level of professionalism and dedication to the Department.  His willingness to assist any member or division and to also complete any task has not gone unnoticed.  In addition to the extra responsibilities, he successfully led and maintained the appropriate paperwork for the task force.  He meets all deadlines before the required date…Sgt. Vanhoy completes a large amounts of these tasks on his own time, in order to meet deadlines and not disrupt daily operations.  He consistently displays pride in his work while representing the Maryland State Police.”