Maryland: victims of DUI driver let Judge Thomas Miller III know what they think of his weak ruling in DUI case of Devin Fraser

Is son of Maryland Senate President handing out sweetheart deals from the bench to DUI offenders?

Is son of Maryland Senate President handing out sweetheart deals from the bench to DUI offenders?

Did drunk driver get easy treatment from court due to being a relative of Anne Arundel officers?

From Facebook posting on Anne Arundel County Police Facebook page:
Please see the following letter that has been sent to Judge Miller of the District Court in Annapolis and the State’s Attorney’s office. This letter directly impacts the AACPD in that your job is already difficult. Having drunk drivers get away with nearly no consequence is deplorable. Not to mention his father, uncle and brother are all Anne Arundel County Police officers. He should have known better. Thank you for allowing me to share.To the Honorable Judge Thomas Miller III,

My husband and I sat in your courtroom on May 21, 2014 in the afternoon regarding the case State of Maryland vs. Devin Fraser. I cannot express the disappointment and frustration I have in the State of Maryland Judiciary System.

My husband was nearly killed 8 months ago by Devin Fraser who was driving drunk. He tried to pass my husband on the shoulder, hit my husband at speeds in excess of 98 mph (the police could only estimate his speed after he hit my husband, flipped his car, then slid 441 feet into the median and was ejected because he also was not wearing his seat belt). His blood alcohol level was .22. This was an act of total disregard and carelessness. His actions also closed Route 100 Westbound for 5 1/2 hours.

You gave him 18 months probation, 6 months jail time with all but 2 days served. Your reasoning? You said because he had been in the Marine Corps and served in Iraq you were reducing his sentence. Using this reasoning sir, my son-in-law who has done two tours in Afghanistan with the Marines should be able to get away with almost anything. My son and son-in-law are both Marines. There is no family who is more loving toward the Marine Corps or any other branch of the military. I fail to see your reasoning. The Marine Corps instills strong beliefs in being accountable for your actions and that drinking and driving is NEVER acceptable. In fact, if this young man had been in the Marine Corps when this happened the consequences would have equaled the crime.

To add to this injustice my husband was never told about or given a victim’s impact statement. In fact, he was not asked if he would like to say anything to this person. The witness to the accident, who was also subpoenaed, was not asked to speak. However, you allowed Mr. Fraser to speak to my husband (without asking if my husband objected) and “apologize” for what he did. Do you know how that felt sir? The message walking out of that courtroom was the victim has no rights but the person who almost killed another because of his actions has considerations given to him?

Sir, I do not know the law. But what I do know is this young man made a conscious decision to get behind his wheel, without a seatbelt, and drive over 100 miles per hour-all while drunk. He is 28 years old. His father, uncle, and brother are all Anne Arundel County Police Officers. His training as a Marine taught him his actions were wrong. And now, he has to spend a weekend in jail. And my husband? No one asked about him. He lost his job because of his injuries. Our lives have been impacted beyond belief and will never be the same. The emotional and physical damage done cannot be justified with 2 days in jail. Where is the justice? How can his actions be condoned by the courts?

My husband is now 61 years old, out of work, and in constant pain. Devin has a job, a life, and little consequences to his actions. I pray, sir, that you or your family never have to deal with a situation as grave as this one. The State of Maryland has, once again, proven
that it is a state full of contradictions and exceptions.

Kenneth and Carol Kemp

These three rulings by Judge Miller includes that of Devin Fraser and shows what a weak and inept Judge that Miller has become since being appointed to the District Court Bench. There seems to be little protection for the public when even probation is suspended.
From the Annapolis Capital Gazette:

Judge Thomas V. Miller III

Kaitlynn Elizabeth Warner, 28, 601 Pleasantview Ave., Pasadena; charged Feb. 1, 2014; pleaded guilty DUI; bac refused; jail 60 days, suspend all; probation 18 months sup; AETD, VIP; fines/costs not listed.

Tyler David Bradfield, 19, 8512 Crooked Tree Lane, Laurel; charged March 2, 2014; pleaded guilty DUI; bac refused; jail 60 days, suspend all but 6 days, credit two days time served, to be served as two weekends; probation 18 months sup; $42.50/costs not listed.

Devin Gray Fraser, 27, 8354 Capel Drive, Pasadena; charged Sept. 21, 2013; pleaded guilty DWI; bac .22; jail 6 months, suspend all but 2 days; probation 18 months sup; $42.50/costs not listed.

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