Maryland: Virginia resident not happy that his name shows up in Google following his arrest for DWI

To the Editor:
I’m writing to request you remove my name from your site. I was wrongfully pulled over in Carroll County and blew a .03, less than half the legal limit. I have a professional life to maintain and this is defamation of character. When I google my name this is the first thing that comes up. I have yet to go to court where my innocence or guilt has yet to be determined. I hope you will respond to my request so I have no need to take further action.
Shawn DeLaVergne

(Editor’s note: Once you have been exonerated, if that takes place, you may provide proof which may result in your name being removed at that time, but not before. In the meantime, your name will remain as part of the public records of arrests as reported by the police.  We have contacted the families of those killed by drunk drivers and asked them how they feel about names being removed from the DWI Hit Parade due to those arrested wanting to have all reference to lawful arrests disappear so they can
obtain security clearances and not have others find out about their arrests.  They wanted to know how they can erase their loved ones names off their grave markers. Make better decisions instead of driving impaired. )

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