Maryland: While Maryland troopers were locking up drunk drivers on Super Bowl weekend, TFC John Dize Jr. wrecked while driving drunk – goodbye career

Maryland State Police Impaired Driving Effort

Maryland State Police Impaired Driving Effort

While Maryland troopers were locking up drunk drivers on Super Bowl weekend, TFC John Dize Jr. wrecked while driving drunk – goodbye career

(PIKESVILLE, MD) — As hard as police officers across the nation work to take DUI drivers off the road before they kill someone, there is always some knucklehead cop who believes he or she has the right to drive intoxicated. The knucklehead cop in this story is Tfc. John Dize Jr. of the Princess Anne Barrack in Somerset County.

The success of the Maryland State Police effort to remove drunks and drugged drivers from highways was great over the Super Bowl weekend but somewhat muted by the idea that one of their own was acting in a remarkably selfish and criminal way that could have ended with the death of a Marylander at the hands of a state trooper.

Cops shouldn’t rob banks or drive drunk.

The public should remember that when a cop is arrested for DUI, it means another law enforcement officer is doing the job right.

As some Super Bowl fans were on the offense, many troopers across the state and the S.P.I.D.R.E DUI team were on the defense this past weekend making more than 50 DUI arrests, according to Cpl. DaVaughn Parker of the State Police.

The Maryland State Police conducted traffic enforcement initiatives throughout the state during this Super Bowl weekend. Troopers made numerous traffic stops focused on impaired or distracted drivers, aggressive and speeding motorists, as well as those who were not properly belted in the vehicle.



During the three-day enforcement initiative more than 4,700 vehicles were stopped by troopers across the state. Preliminary statistics revealed more than 2,900 traffic citations were issued along with more than 2,900 warnings.  Also, 51 motorists were arrested for drunk driving.

The S.P.I.D.R.E DUI team was deployed to Baltimore County for Operation 40/40, a multi-jurisdictional traffic enforcement initiative. Collaborating with 11 law enforcement agencies, efforts were focused on Route 40 from the Baltimore City line to the Delaware state line. As a result of the collaborated effort, 30 motorists were arrested for drunk driving.

Just before 11:00 p.m. on February 6th, troopers from the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack were dispatched to a single-vehicle crash near the intersection of Hudson Corner Road and Landon Store Road, in Marion, Md. Troopers found a pickup that reportedly drove off the road into a field.

The driver of the vehicle was found to be an off-duty state trooper, identified as Trooper First Class John Dize Jr., assigned to the Princess Anne Barrack.  Trooper First Class Dize sustained injuries and was transported to the Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Due to the possibility of alcohol being a contributing circumstance to the cause of the crash, an immediate investigation was conducted.

Trooper First Class Dize was subsequently charged with failing to obey designated lane directions and driving under the influence. Trooper First Class Dize was immediately suspended with pay.

In an ongoing effort to educate motorists, additional traffic initiatives will continue throughout the year to reduce injuries and fatalities on Maryland roads. Maryland State Police will continue these initiatives in support of the Maryland Highway Safety Office’s ‘Move Toward Zero Deaths’ campaign.