MASSACHUSETTS: Ex-con Ramon Silvelo-Miles was packing heat and loads of drugs when arrested for DUI



According to the Massachusetts State Police, around 2 a.m. on Monday, September 20, Trooper Tyler Hopkins, assigned to the State Police-Middleborough Barracks, was patrolling Route 24 Southbound in Brockton when he observed a grey Toyota Camry sedan in front of him nearly strike a construction detail setup, swerving to avoid the cones just prior to traveling into them. The vehicle was then unable to maintain its travel in the righthand lane and veered repeatedly into the breakdown lane.

Trooper Hopkins attempted to conduct a traffic stop. As the vehicle crossed into West Bridgewater on Route 24, Trooper Hopkins turned on his blue lights. The vehicle braked so suddenly and hard that it nearly lost control. Once coming to a stop, Trooper Hopkins made contact with the operator, RAMON SILVELO-MILES, 31, of Haverhill, and informed him of the reason he was being pulled over.

Trooper Hopkins immediately noticed the heavy scent of an alcoholic beverage coming from within the vehicle. SILVELO-MILES was very difficult to understand in conversation due to his slurred speech but repeatedly denied traveling at an excessive speed, despite no mention of speed as the reason for the traffic stop.

SILVELO-MILES was unable to locate the registration for the vehicle but would not look into the glove box to attempt to locate the paper. When Trooper Anthony Grassini arrived on the scene to assist, Trooper Hopkins had SILVELO-MILES exit the car and requested he submits to field sobriety tests.

SILVELO-MILES was not able to conduct any of the four sobriety tests provided by Trooper Hopkins successfully. Trooper Grassini stood with SILVELO-MILES while Trooper Hopkins conducted an inventory of the vehicle prior to the vehicle being towed. In the center console of the Camry was a red plastic cup filled with an alcoholic beverage and an open bottle of tequila in the rear of the car.

Police report that Trooper Hopkins then located in the glove box and small backpack, and a black sock. Inside the backpack, a large amount of crack cocaine, heroin, and cash was found. There were determined to be 356 grams of crack and 15 grams of heroin packaged in small quantities for distribution. The black sock held a small 25 caliber pistol loaded with a round in the chamber and five rounds in the magazine. It was discovered SILVELO-MILES was a previously convicted felon and could not possess a firearm or ammunition.

SILVELO-MILES was placed under arrest and then transported to the Middleborough Barracks to be booked, photographed, and fingerprinted. He was scheduled to appear in Brockton District Court on the following charges:

  1. OUI Liquor;
  2. Negligent Operation Of Motor Vehicle;
  3. Trafficking In Cocaine;
  4. Possession Of A Firearm In Felony;
  5. Possession Of A Firearm Without FID Card;
  6. Firearm Violation With Three Prior Violent/Drug Crimes;
  7. Possession To Distribute Heroin – Subsequent Offense; and
  8. Possession Of Ammunition Without FID Card.

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Massachusetts State Police report that on September 17, 2021, Trooper Jacob Hass, assigned to the Troop H Community Action Team, was working on a road construction detail on Route 90 eastbound at mile marker 132 in Boston. The detail setup was clearly marked with traffic cones and a gradual lane closure with actively lit signage. Shortly after 3 a.m. Trooper Hass observed a blue Acura sedan strike numerous traffic cones and enter the closed lanes in an attempt to pass a tractor-trailer. The vehicle was traveling at a speed far greater than the posted speed limit of 55 miles per hour nearly striking the cruiser as well as a Mass DOT truck stopped in the detail setup. Additionally, there were numerous members of the construction crew actively working while on foot.

Trooper Hass caught up to the vehicle and activated his emergency lights, stopping the Acura as it entered the Prudential Tunnel.
Upon the vehicle stopping, Trooper Hass approached it and identified the operator as MATTHEW BISHOP, 24, of Brighton, then requested his driver’s license and registration.

While BISHOP opened the center console of the vehicle to gather his documents the Trooper observed a pistol inside. BISHOP does not possess a license to carry firearms. Trooper Hass removed BISHOP from the vehicle and placed him in custody.

While speaking to BISHOP, Trooper Hass detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from BISHOP’s breath. Trooper Hass also noticed several signs of impairment and suspected BISHOP was operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Several other Troopers arrived on the scene to assist and located a loaded Sig Sauer .22 caliber pistol in the console. While on the scene, Troopers also discovered BISHOP had two active felony warrants for his arrest. It was also discovered that the Acura was not registered.
BISHOP was eventually transported to the State Police Tunnels Barracks for booking. A Bail commissioner ordered BISHOP to be held for his appearance at Boston Municipal Court where he was arraigned on the following charges:

  1. Illegal Possession of a Firearm;
  2. Possession of Ammunition without FID Card;
  3. Possession of Firearm without FID Card;
  4. Operating a Vehicle while Under the Influence of Alcohol;
  5. Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle;
  6. Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol in Vehicle;
  7. Operating an Unregistered Vehicle;
  8. Marked Lanes Violation; and
  9. Speeding.