Massachusetts: hexes and witchcraft enter the fray as prosecutor mulls over grand jury indictment for Angelique Griffin charged with DWI homicide

From Salem News

SALEM — Prosecutors are still mulling whether to go to a grand jury to present the case against a Salem woman charged with the drunken-driving death of a Danvers teen.
Angelique Griffin, 25, is charged with motor vehicle homicide while driving drunk in a crash on Boston Street in Salem that killed Dillon Renard, 19.
A state police accident reconstruction report for the June crash is still pending.
During a brief hearing in Salem District Court yesterday, Griffin’s lawyer and the prosecutor told the judge that the case is still being reviewed by prosecutors to determine whether it will remain in the district court or be presented to the grand jury for possible indictment. An indictment would move the case to Salem Superior Court, where Griffin could face a longer penalty if convicted.
However, district courts also have jurisdiction over vehicular homicide cases, and some cases do remain at that level.
Family members of Renard, including his aunt, Marilyn Rubner, said   …..MORE