Massachusetts: Lowell Police Officer Eric Wayne charged with DUI


After the DUI arrest listed here on July 9, 2013, Lowell Police Officer Eric Wayne has now been charged with DUI homicide in the death of Brian Paula

Lowell Police Officer Eric Wayne killed Brian Paula cop charged with DUI






Hey bad boy, whatcha gonna do when they come for your badge?

From Lowell Sun
LOWELL — A well-known police officer was placed on paid administrative  leave, with pay, late last week after he was arrested and charged with operating  a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol in the Back Central neighborhood.

Eric Wayne, 39, who is a Lowell resident, was arrested by Lowell police on  July 4 near the intersection of Lawrence and Rogers Street.

The details of his arrest are unclear, but this much is known: There was no  accident or personal injury. Wayne was alone in the vehicle.

Wayne was arraigned Friday morning in Lowell District Court and released on  his own recognizance by Judge Thomas Brennan. He was ordered back to court Aug.  27 for a pretrial conference. Wayne pleaded not guilty.

Wayne, a health-food junkie ….MORE

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