Massachusetts: Manuel Chaves puts his son’s wrecked car on display after his drunk driving crash nearly killed him


LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – A father from Ludlow is sending a strong message to drivers after a drunk driving crash nearly took his son’s life.
Twisted metal, shattered glass, Manuel Chaves says it is a miracle his son escaped this mangled wreck with his life.
“I cried, I looked inside and I just could not believe he got out alive, somebody pushed his button and the lord pulled him through for some reason,” said Chaves.
Chaves said his son was drunk when he collided head on with another drunk driver.
His son is recovering, but the horror of the close call is something he wants no other parent to experience.
“If I can save some kids life this weekend that’s what this is about.”
Parents have been bringing their children by the display; taking in the powerful message. ….MORE