Michigan: pay attention to this story, America, this could be the dumbest police chief in the nation! Chief looking forward to court case of his DUI officer so the cop can continue on the job

Battle Creek Police Chief Jackie Hampton


BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A police officer accused of a drunken crash faced his charges in Calhoun County Court Wednesday.
William Gensch is charged with operating while intoxicated, resisting a police officer and failure to report an accident.
The incident occurred back on July 31. The community has accused the police department of mishandling the case.
The Battle Creek Police Chief tells Newschannel 3 Officer Gensch will stay on the job full time, until a judge makes a final ruling ….MORE
First news story reported that the two offiicers were “superdrunk”

Cops were three times legal limit and still were not charged