MICHIGAN: State Rep. Rebekah Lynn Warren was almost three times the legal limit when busted for DWI

Rebekah Lynn Warren (DOB 11/25/1971), OF Ann Arbor, Michigan, representing the 55th District of the Michigan House of Representatives since January 1, 2019. She was elected to this position on November 6, 2018, beating Republican opponent Bob Baird, 74% to 26%.

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) — Under the Freedom of Information Act, 7 Action News has obtained Auburn Hills Police video of the arrest of State Representative Rebekah Warren on December 26, 2019. And Warren is clearly upset that her arrest is being recorded by police cameras.

“You don’t understand, I’m elected. I’m a senator. People will be, like, the senator got arrested. That’ll be, like, (expletive). This is going to be the most famous arrest you’ve ever made,” Warren said on video.

Warren was placed under arrest after police received several 911 calls reporting a black Jeep Cherokee swerving on I-75.


Image from a video showing Michigan state Rep. Rebekah Warren in the backseat of a patrol car after a drunk driving arrest on Dec. 26 (Auburn Hills Police Department)

From Fox News

She goes on to tell the officer in the video that there’s going to be a moment that they’re both going to be on TV.

“It’s going to be, like, the senator from Ann Arbor’s career is over,” Warren says.

The station reported that at one point Warren became upset at being handcuffed, saying she hadn’t been “aggressive.”


Mugshot for Rebekah Warren, a Democrat state rep. from Ann Arbor, Mich., who was arrested on a drunken-driving charge in Auburn Hills last month. (Oakland County Sheriff)

Police said Warren was stopped after an officer saw her swerving in traffic and sideswiping a guardrail on Interstate 75, according to the station.

After refusing to submit to a breath test, police took her to a hospital where her blood was drawn, FOX 2 Detroit reported.

The test came back as .21, more than twice the legal limit of .08 and well above .17 the limit considered super drunk under Michigan law, the station reported.