Mississippi: man approved for controversial pardon killed girl a week later while DUI

 Buffoon politicians never checked on man’s record when considering pardon. He was in jail for 4th DUI at time of his pardon
OXFORD, MS (CNN) -Most of the controversy over former Governor Haley Barbour’s decision to grant nearly 200 pardons has been focused on four convicted murderers. But the families of those victims are not the only ones who feel violated.
There’s a reason Harry Bostick looked familiar to Sgt. Hildon Sessums. This was the second time the Oxford, Mississippi police officer had arrested Bostick for driving drunk.
“There was an open bottle of wine in the front seat with him” said Sessums. “There was an open bottle of champagne in the front seat with him. He had a large cup that was full of red wine.”
Police found he was driving at twice the legal limit of alcohol. This was Bostick’s 3rd drunk driving arrest in a year.
Bostick pled guilty to the felony charge, was sentenced to a year of house arrest and to 4 years in an alcohol abuse program.
“Right before I put the cuffs on him he said, ‘don’t do this to me’ and my comment to that usually is ‘you did it to yourself'” said Sessums.
A year after that arrest Harry Bostick applied for a pardon from Governor Haley Barbour. This former IRS investigator had high profile friends write letters asking the governor to pardon Bostick. ….MORE