Missouri: Bozo Judge allows Kenneth Scott Blake II to skate on killing Laura Reynolds as he drove his Halloween party death ride in wrong-way head-on crash

Photo from family website – Completeinjustice.com

Read the letter from Laura’s family to Judge Charles Atwell
Judge Charles Atwell — was he too easy on the killer?  Read the family’s letter and you decide if Judge Atwell should be removed from the bench.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Laura Reynolds died Halloween night in 2009. She was in the car with two friends when a 19 year-old drunk driver going the wrong way slammed into them head-on.
Now Reynolds’ family says the man who killed her got off too easily.
“The bottom of your mind you’re thinking, well there will be justice for this,” said Jake Reynolds, Laura Reynolds’s brother.
Kenneth Scott Blake, II, then 19 years-old pleaded guilty, and Reynolds believes the judge gave him a sentence that didn’t match the crime.
“The judge could have given him zero to 15 years for manslaughter for killing my sister and he chose zero. He chose a 12 year sentence and then suspended it, which means that there’s no time served,” Reynolds said.  …MORE