Montana: Billings taxpayers will foot the bill for $222,000 for death caused by officer failing to arrest drunk driver that killed Merry Jane Trewhella

From Billings Gazette
A Billings man whose wife was killed by a drunken driver has agreed to settle a wrongful-death and negligence lawsuit against the Billings Police Department.
An attorney for John Trewhella said a settlement agreement calls for the city to pay $222,000 to resolve claims that officers should have arrested a woman who was reported as a drunken driver two hours before she caused the death of 59-year-old Merry Jane Trewhella, a longtime Billings educator.
Billings attorney Steve Harman, who represented John Trewhella in the case, confirmed the settlement Wednesday and provided an unsigned copy of the agreement to The Billings Gazette.
The agreement states the city will pay $222,000 to resolve Trewhella’s claims…..MORE