Montana: bozo won his 8th DUI, nearly hit child on bike…this is the state where a legislator said DUI laws hurt the bars…

From KAJ 18

MISSOULA – A Missoula County man was arrested for his eighth DUI, while he was on probation for his seventh.
Gary Vasser has six prior DUI convictions and now has two more pending.
Prosecutors say on Thursday a woman reported a man driving recklessly in East Missoula and that said he looked drunk. The caller also said Vasser almost hit a little girl riding on her bike….MORE
Gary Lee Vasser appears to have a problem.
The 44-year-old East Missoula resident has been arrested eight times on  drunken driving charges since 1991 – most recently on Thursday, and before that,  in April.
“I’m going to help Mr. Vasser out with his alcohol problem,” Acting Missoula  County Justice of the Peace Shorty Stewart said Friday.Then he set Vasser’s bail at $150,000…..MORE

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